08 Jan

Tooth and Gum Disease in the City of London

Gum and tooth disease in the city of London go together like eggs and bacon, one goes hand in hand with the other and gum disease can affect over 50% of us. And unfortunately, it can go unnoticed until it develops into something more sinister like tooth decay. More worrying, it can have a knock-on affect throughout the body- gum disease has links with premature births, heart attacks and kidney failure. It all starts quite simply with poor oral hygiene and bad habits such as smoking and a poor diet, as this can lead to a weakened immune system that feeds gum disease. If plaque and tartar build up and are allowed to go unchecked and run wild, they can lead to periodontitis and eventually, cavities and tooth decay. Early signs of the problems are bleeding gums, weeping gums that leave a bad taste in the mouth, and loose teeth. Depending on how advanced the disease is, it is treatable, though not reversible. The dentist can administer de-scaling around the teeth to remove the plaque and can fill cavities via fillings and/or root canal work, but further treatment lies in our hands. The dentist can advise on a solid program of good, healthy oral hygiene and there are very effective herbal remedies that attack gum disease. But gum disease can come back very quickly, so regular check-ups and maybe, losing some of the bad habits, are essential in fighting the disease.