29 Jun

Tooth decay and how to treat it with Central London dentists

With a diligent routine of home care for your mouth, dental decay should not be something that will need to concern you in your life. But sometimes your standards can slip because of a difficult personal time, or general health issues. Dental decay then becomes something that has to be dealt with by a trained, dental professional. Over many years they have built up an arsenal of techniques to restore teeth to health and functionality that have begun to decay.
Tooth can start to decay if they are subjected to too much plaque over a prolonged period of time. The hard, outer layer of your teeth – this is called enamel – is usually very resilient but cannot withstand too much acidic plaque. Once the enamel is worn away or a small hole is created, the inside of the tooth is exposed and decay can start to foment.
Once holes appear in the enamel they must be filled. In their small form they are called caries and if slightly larger they are known as cavities. They can be rather painful because once the enamel is compromised the nerves inside your teeth are exposed to hot and cold food and drink even breathing in cold air on a chilly day.
Your dentist can fill them in using cosmetic bonding. This is a development from the days of metal fillings. Cosmetic bonding utilises malleable, tooth coloured dental composite that is much easier to work with and produces and much more aesthetically pleasing finish. If you think that dental decay is starting to take hold in your mouth, don’t hesitate in going to see your Central London dentist. It will not just stop of its own accord; it needs to be dealt with.