16 Jan

Tooth Erosion? Visit Your London Dental Clinic

If you have loss of tooth/teeth structure due to a chemical process, not involving oral bacteria, your most likely have tooth erosion. Acids from your stomach, due to gastroesophageal reflux or vomiting , or acids from food and beverages that you consume to excess, such as citrus fruits and/or acidic beverages, can dissolve the minerals in your hard tooth structure. Clinically, your tooth structure will appear with any of the following if it is eroding. You may notice: 1) wear of non-biting surfaces; 2) amalgam restorations that appear raised out of the tooth; 3) amalgams that appear clean and untarnished; 4) more incisal translucency than normal; 5) cupping of the incisal or occlusal surfaces with probably dentin exposure; 6) broad shiny concavities in the smooth enamel surface; 7) loss of enamel surface characterization in children’s teeth as well as pulp exposure; and 8) tooth hypersensitivity. Visit your London dentist if you recognize any of these signs or symptoms to get dental advice and help with this problems!