25 Mar

Tooth loss and the Dental Implant in London

If you need any proof how good modern dentistry has become over the years in London, just take a look at how the dental implant has developed since it first came to the attention of the general public. Often a tricky procedure and hard to do, all this treatment required to see it basking in the glory of what a good idea it was, was a more streamlined way of placing it in the mouth and its prayers were answered with the development of computer and laser technology, to the point that what was once a operation that could take months to get over, can now be done and dusted in a day if need be. Once the location of the implant has been decided upon, it can be placed with pinpoint accuracy into position. The basic principles are the same, screwing a small but strong titanium rod into the jawbone, but because a laser does the minimal of damage in doing so, healing and recovery from this operation are unbelievable compared to what they were. Also let’s not forget what an implant was designed for, essentially, to make dentures extinct. In the case of large tooth loss, several implants can support the new teeth and give a freedom that denture wearers can only dream of: they are strong; virtually infection free and you won’t have to worry about them falling out either- an implant is for life.