11 Apr

Tooth Pain Treated by Central London Dentist

Your Central London dentist can help you with tooth pain when it occurs. This tooth pain can occur as a result of years of neglect, or can occur due to pulpal injury. Pulpal injury to the tooth usually occurs when a cavity becomes too deep and the tooth has not received for this cavity. It can also occur if the dentinal layer of the tooth is exposed to the environment due to wear of the enamel or some other injury to the tooth. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. Dental pulp problems are reversible unless tooth decay has progressed into the pulp tissue. A root canal must be performed in order to eliminate tooth pain due to caries exposure. All infected pulpal and dentinal tissue must be removed, and all of the bacteria removed or killed. Other pulpal pain may be the result of sweets, abrupt temperature changes, and touch. If surrounding tissue is involved, an abscess may form. This abscess will be treated by your Central London dentist. If these problems are not addressed and treated, you will have more serious problems in the future. After your Central London dentist treats your tooth pain, the pain should subside in 24-48 hours. At times antibiotic and pain medication may be required. If the tooth cannot be saved, your tooth may require removal.