04 Feb

Tooth Pain? Visit Your London Dental Clinic

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should immediately call and make an appointment to visit your London dentist. Your tooth pain can be rapidly alleviated by your London dentist, and may not be as bad as it appears. However, if you let it go for awhile, and the cause is not treated, it could lead to much more serious problems. So, don’t procrastinate! Tooth pain can occur from pulpal injury or surrounding gum and oral bone problems. If the tooth pain is caused by injury to the tooth pulp, it may be reversible at its early stages, if the tooth wasn’t severely damaged. Symptoms of tooth pulp injury or damage include; tooth sensitivity from touch, sweets, hot, and/or cold. Tooth pain caused by infection in the gum or oral bone can also be treated if you see your London dentist in time. If not properly treated, you can lose the tooth. Most tooth pain is acute, and if treated rapidly and properly, your tooth pain can be resolved rather quickly. Once your tooth pain is treated, you can continue to function normally. Dental decay in a tooth can cause tooth pain, and this can be treated rather quickly.