22 Aug

Tooth saved with root canal treatment from City of London dentist

Dental pain caused by an infected tooth can be very unpleasant and at times excruciating. This is because dental infections happen when the tough outer part of the teeth is broken down exposing the very sensitive inner part of the tooth, which contains the dental nerve. This nerve will then be attacked by bacteria and infected matter, causing the sensation of pain.
Once a tooth is infected there are several ways of treating it depending on the severity of the infection. If the infection is caught and treated early it may be possible to treat with a course of antibiotics. At the other end of the scale, if the infection is so serious it can not be treated effectively, your City of London dentist may need to remove the tooth altogether.
However, in most cases this is not the case and the tooth can still be treated effectively using a root canal treatment. This involves the dentist drilling down into the heart of the tooth and removing any infected material. They will then clean the cavity before filling it and sealing the tooth with a dental crown. This will protect both the functionality and aesthetic quality of the tooth.
Root canal treatments have a very fearsome reputation, largely because of the pain associated with dental infections and because of the use of the dentists’ drill. In reality, the procedure brings an end to the horrible pain of dental infection and protects the teeth from further damage. It would seem that the root canal gets a slightly harsh treatment in the public consciousness and if carried out properly should be no more painful than a filling or any other standard dental procedure.