17 Oct

Tooth saving root canal treatment from City of London dentist

Dental infections affect the parts of the tooth right near their centre in the root. This makes them very difficult to treat as it is very hard to get to that part of the tooth. That means that in some cases, where the infection has really taken hold, there are only two real options for treatment. One is a complete extraction, removing the tooth and with it the infection. The other is a root canal treatment, which has a fearsome reputation but actually brings an end to pain and enables the patient to keep their tooth.
The root canal treatment takes place under an anaesthetic, which means that it should be no more painful than a regular filling. The dentist drills a hole through the tooth into the root of the tooth (the root canal) and uses this access to treat the infection inside. The dentist will then fill the cavity with medicine to remove any residual traces of the infection before filling the hole they have created and finally capping the tooth with a dental crown.
Obviously, the presence of the drill makes some people afraid and cautious about the root canal procedure but you can rest assured that the pain and unpleasantness of the infection is much worse. Dental infections can be excruciating and a root canal from a City of London dentist could be the only way to safely bring that pain to an end.
Dental infections start when plaque and bacteria erode the protective layer of tooth enamel that coast the tooth. The bacteria is then able to penetrate to the softer more sensitive inner part of the tooth that contains the dental nerve. Then infection will set about destroying the dental nerve which will ultimately result in the death of the tooth so it is essential you receive treatment before it gets to this stage.