14 Feb

Tooth Sensitivity Treated in City of London

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by temperature changes in your mouth, acidic foods and beverages, sweets, and touching the exposed dentin of your tooth if there is any, allowing a connection between the outer part of your tooth and its pulp. When you visit your City of London dentists, they can help you to resolve this problem. Receding gums can result in tooth sensitivity, along with hard bristle brush overuse that can wear away tooth structure, especially if gritty toothpastes are used. Overuse of teeth whiteners can also result in tooth sensitivity, as well as acidic mouthwashes. Some routine dental procedures can also leave your tooth/teeth sensitive, but this usually doesn’t last too long. Your City of London dentists will tell you to use proper oral hygiene, a soft toothbrush, fluoride-based toothpastes and other products, and to consume a proper non-acidic diet. Your City of London dentist also has several procedures available to reduce your tooth sensitivity, or eliminate it altogether.