22 Jun

Tooth soap to clean teeth now available in London stores

Yes that’s right! In an increasingly consumer product driven world,London marketers and advertisers are willing to use any number of tricks to sell their products and this seems like one of them!Tooth Soap is being touted as the herbal, all-natural alternative to conventional toothpaste! And that’s not all it also won an obscure Editor’s Choice Award of The NaturalNews.com Network, site. According to the manufacturer, Tooth soap offers the best alternative to conserve health, and environment by using pure soap without any additional artificial ingredients. Further more the naturally prepared liquid tooth soap is prepared with organic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and essential oils to produce a wide variety of flavors like citrus, peppermint and chocolate.
Although the product sounds really attractive, I’m really confused. Is it healthy to use soap inside the oral cavity and on what basis did the Editor of the NaturalNews.com Network select his product? Does it really clean the teeth and how effective is it?
Until someone answers those questions, I don’t really advise any one to use liquid tooth soap!