09 May

Tooth Whitening is now cheaper than ever; says a London dentist

When Bollywood started up they boasted cheaper made films, but at a quality that only Hollywood usually provided. Teeth whitening is now available on that same basis, you can get movie star white teeth for as little as £30 to £400, and Lumineer’s at around £250 each one. The home kits are the bottom of the market, but that’s not to say that they are no good, with teeth whitening it’s always a case of horses for courses says a London dentist. At the chemist or on the net you can buy a DIY kit for as little as £30, it comes complete with the bleaching agent and the tray which you slip over your teeth. You simply make the tray using the gum shield style blank that needs to be softened in hot water, then you simply bite into it to make a custom made tray. Then you mix up some bleach and put it into the tray, this is then worn by you for around 40 minutes at a time. It will literarily bleach your teeth white. Available on the High Street at many salons is the Intense Light treatment, some bargains are available for this treatment at around £200, but expect to pay £400 normally. This is performed in a salon or at your home and involves a gel that is coated onto your teeth, a protective rubber shield is placed in your mouth and an Intense Blue Light is shone on the gel. This reacts with the gel and blends the enamel on your teeth to make them white. With both these methods you will need to avoid certain food and drinks for a few weeks afterwards, or you`ll undo all the work. Finally we have Lumineer’s that are veneers which fit over the teeth and are cemented into place, this is much cheaper than the conventional veneers.