29 Aug

Top notch teeth with Porcelain Veneers in Central London

Next time you are walking around central London and looking for something to do, pop into the British Museum and have a look at some statues made from porcelain- look at the way the material gives off such an amazing natural hue and how beautiful it is. Hold that thought, and now imagine if your teeth looked like that. Yes, those old, cracked, discoloured, worn down teeth that have become tired and have gaps appearing between them. Well, get this, you can get your teeth to look like those of a Hollywood star with porcelain veneers. Not only does this treatment cover up all of the aforementioned evils that time has thrown at us, but think of those statues and imagine what your mouth is going to look like after the treatment. It’s a very easy procedure whereby the dentist will prepare your teeth by shaving away the original enamel, take moulds of your mouth, send them off so that the veneers can be made and lay on temporary veneers until the real ones come back from the lab after a couple of weeks: when they do, they are simple cemented into place. Now if that has wetted the appetite to the point you don’t think you can even wait that long to have it done, here’s the real deal. Find a dentist that uses CEREC technology, and you can have all the above done in an hour for around the same price!