17 Oct

Transcending Tooth Decay in London

One of the biggest destroyers of teeth in Londoner’s is decay: it has been doing this in London for ever, but as the centuries have passed, we have learnt a lot more about how to brush and care for our teeth and if things do go wrong, and they will at some point, we have the dentist to bail us out of trouble. The thing is, with all this back up we have one major failing- we’re human and sometimes we do forget, and make mistakes, and this is when our teeth are at most risk. We put a lot of acidic and stodgy foods and drinks into our mouths and if we forget to brush after doing so, the bacteria will develop into plaque and from this we arrive at tooth decay. Once these acids have started to get through the enamel of the teeth, they will start to infect the pulp and the roots: at this stage, the situation can be turned around with a filling or a root canal but any further damage though can result in losing the tooth, Abscesses forming and the onset of gum disease. To stop any chance of teeth decay from getting this far, we have to be vigilant and ensure we have all the best products at hand, a good brush, paste, floss and mouth wash, and make sure that we don’t skip dental appointments because the x-ray is the best tool with which to spot any signs of decay, and your dentist, the best person to fix you up again.