19 Jul

Transform your smile with smile makeover from City of London dentist

You may have seen one of the many TV makeover shows that currently fill our screens and what you will have noticed is how much attention they pay to the teeth. This is because the teeth and the smile are two of the most important aspects of our appearance. People judge one another very quickly, especially when it comes to attractiveness, so it is very important that your smile looks as good as it can.
What you might have also noticed is the amazing transformations that are possible using the latest cosmetic dentistry methods. There are treatments, both new and well established, that can be used to improve the condition and appearance of the teeth. For discoloured teeth it is possible to restore their appearance using one of the many teeth whitening treatments currently available. If the teeth are too badly discoloured it is also possible to fit a whole new set of beautiful dental veneers. This can completely transform the appearance of the smile and make even the most damaged teeth look brand new.
When a number of cosmetic treatments are utilised at the same time it is often called a smile makeover. By using a number of treatments simultaneously it may be possible to save some of the cost of treatment. It also means that the whole transformation will take less time and you can get the perfect smile much faster.
City of London dentists are very skilled in all cosmetic procedures but their levels of skill ascend to almost artistic proportions when it comes to designing and creating a new smile. They will be able to fully discuss with you what you would ideally like your teeth to look like and suggest which treatments would be the most appropriate.