13 Aug

Treat dangerous sleep apnea at London dentist

Everybody knows somebody who snores and have been kept up at night by the noise. While snoring is an inconvenience (sometimes a rather serious one depending on who is doing the snoring) it is rarely more than this and even more rarely does it pose any kind of health problem. However, there is another kind of problem that affects people while they sleep that is not only very dangerous but can even be fatal.
Sleep apnea is often associated with snoring because it creates a similar sound but in reality the two conditions are quite separate. While snoring is the sound of breathing during sleep, apnea is the sound of the cessation of breathing during sleep, essentially choking. It can be caused in two different ways, either by a blocked airway due to a collapsing soft palate (known as obstructive sleep apnea) or as the result of a malfunction in the respiratory area of the brain (central sleep apnea).
In both cases, the problem usually resolves itself after about twenty to thirty seconds but because this can happen hundreds of times in the same night, it places a great deal of strain n the heart. It is often the underlying cause of stress, lack of concentration and poor performance at school or work. In extreme cases it puts so much strain on the heart that patients can have heart attacks. Sleep apnea sufferers often do not receive the treatment they need, either because they assume it is just snoring or because they have no idea the problem is even occurring. It does after all happen during sleep. London dentists are able to treat sleep apnea with special appliances or refer you to other professionals to treat the problem.