18 Jun

Treating a Tooth Abscess in the City of London

There is a certain chain of events that happen in the mouth that can end up being possibly fatal in the long run in the city of London. First plaque and tartar followed by tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease can lead to heart disease and failure, while decay can lead to an abscess. This erupts because the area below the root becomes infected and with nowhere to go, turns into the abscess. It will cause the face to swell rather violently, but more dangerously, the toxins produced get into the blood fast and travel around the body and through the brain: in rare cases, it can induce a coma from which there have been fatalities. Hence, you can’t take a chance and need to get antibiotics into system as quickly as possible in order to counters the poisons coming from the abscess and to bring down the swelling. It is only then that a dentist can help you. Such decay that has led to this will need to be removed via root canal treatment; this will help to save the tooth, but in some cases, the abscess will need draining as well. However, once an abscess, always an abscess and they may pop back for another visit; unless the dentist is sure that there is no infection left under the tooth, the only way that to ensure there is no repeat of this nightmare, the tooth must come out.