27 Apr

Treating Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay is caused by a number of factors- from poor diet that you practise on a day to day basis, to a build up of poor nutrition that has been handed down over generations. But, in today’s terms, poor oral hygiene is a major player; it’s important to keep the mouth, and its teeth and gums, free from the bacteria that come from the foods we eat, for in the long run, it leads to plaque, a build up of tartar and gum disease. Inevitably, these factors attack the enamel of the teeth and cavities form- causing tooth decay, and this can spread very quickly throughout the mouth. A dentist can spot this early on, if you have regular check-ups and can remedy the problem with a filling. But all it takes is to miss an appointment, and then the problem can become more serious. If tooth decay is not caught early on, it may take a root canal treatment to save the tooth followed by the fitting of a crown; at worse, the tooth may have to be ‘pulled’. Remarkably however, there have been cases of reversing the early signs of tooth decay, without dental treatment, that have been achieved at home through herbal remedies, extraordinary diets, and good oral hygiene. The internet has become a great source of information and it’s easy to source information about tooth decay and how to fight it. Remember, dentists and all the techniques at their disposal, will always be there to fall back on, if after everything you’ve tried, comes to nothing.