18 Oct

Understand teething with help from City of London dentist

Teething is a normal part of a baby’s development and should be no more stressful than growing hair but for some babies it can be a cause of pain and distress which in turn can affect the mother and father.
Some babies are born and already have teeth, but usually the first teeth emerge after about six months, and occasionally some children do not develop teeth until they are more than a year old. Essentially there are no strict rules so you should not be overly concerned if your baby is slow to develop teeth. In nearly all cases, babies will have their first set of teeth, often called the milk teeth, by the time they are two and a half and then their permanent teeth will start to develop when they are about six years old and afterwards.
When the teeth start to emerge through the gums, studies show that babies suffer a rise in temperature. This can make many babies quite irritable and cause difficulty sleeping and we all know what happens when a baby doesn’t get their sleep. It usually means that neither parent gets much of theirs either. Babies who are teething generally need more comforting and attention to help them through this difficult time.
However, in some cases teething can be blamed for many problems that might not be necessarily to do with the teeth. It is very easy to put down discomfort to teething when there may be something else wrong. The golden rule is always better safe than sorry and you should always check with a doctor or City of London dentist if you are unsure about anything. Remember, teething may be uncomfortable but it shouldn’t make babies ill or unwell.
During teething the gums will become a little red and sore. Your baby may also dribble more than usual but there are many ways to ease your baby’s discomfort. Find out more by making an appointment to see your City of London dentist