31 Jan

Understanding Dental Procedures In London

Dental procedures are all about you, the patient, and so it wouldn’t do you any harm to pop down to your dentist in London and learn more about what’s on offer. The basic procedures have always been around; things like cleaning and polishing, basic fillings and of course, the pulling of teeth. Things like this however have become a lot more complex over the years now dentists and technology have fused together and new ideas have come on board to help keep your teeth and gums free of disease- every inch of your mouth is scrutinised and analysed and the treatments can go deeper below the gum-line in order in order to save your teeth with deep scaling and even bone grafts if need be. But over the past 50 years or so, it’s the cosmetic department of dentistry that has seen a massive increase in dental procedures available to you. Tooth replacement through dental bridges and dentures and implants, teeth whitening or the use of veneers, the placement if decorative crowns are just some of the ways designed to keep your mouth looking healthy. There are the fitting of braces, the removal of that ‘gummy smile with lasers and more incredible still, dentists are starting to offer the complete package and have moved outside the mouth to remove all the lines from your lips with some dermal fillers or botox. There is a lot to learn about, but it might help you make better decisions in the future about the way you see things going for your oral health.