07 Oct

Understanding Dentistry in the City of London

There are basic principles applied to all walks of life, even in this modern computerised age: you need to walk before you can run, a highly developed car still needs wheels to run on; dentistry is no different. When you pop in for a check-up in the city of London, a dentist will still apply the basic codes of dentistry to look after your teeth; they will look for any signs of decay in the teeth and/or signs of plaque and gum disease to keep your mouth healthy. Then they will apply the necessary procedures to rectify such problems. As you grow up, your teeth will be treated for any misalignment with braces to keep your ‘bite’ true in the mouth- these are the basic, yet important elements of dentistry. However, the computer revolution has completely changed the face of how dentists carry out this type of work. X-rays have become digital, giving immediate diagnosis to patients, so that treatments can be done quickly. Dentists’ understanding of phobias, sedation techniques and herbal remedies, have helped to make procedures painless and a lot less frightening. There has also been a change in the instruments used by dentists these days. Lasers have started to replace the drill and scalpel in the dental procedures; from fillings, root canals, gum contouring, teeth whitening, to the placement of dental implants, a laser takes away the physical trauma caused by these instruments, making the treatment painless and the recovery times faster.