07 Sep

Unemployment- the Major Problem affecting Dental Check-ups in London

Dental check-ups in London are getting affected due to the high unemployment rate prevailing in the city. People skip their meetings with the doctor so that they can save their money. According to the recent studies it has been proved that more than thousands are loosing their job nowadays.Unemployment is directly proportional to the decrease of dental check-ups. People tend to forget about their toothache because there are more important matters that have to be solved with the money they have in hand. Parents prefer to pay the fees of their children rather than getting their dental complaints straightened out. Children are not taken for their regular check-ups and in the latest studies it was evident that 1 out of 3 is not seeing their dentist.
Individuals are not able to meet their daily expenses and the fee of a dentist is quite high which makes them reluctant to visit a clinic on regular basis. Government is trying to take adequate measures to increase the number of individuals visiting the clinics for their dental check-ups. It is expected that if the recession period comes down then people will start visiting the clinics again for their dental problems.
Regular dental check-ups are being introduced in the schools to provide treatment to the children. It is a schedule which is introduced by the government for all the children below the age of 5 years. A small amount of payment is taken along with the school fees to avoid a burden on the parents. Dental problems are being ignored by many people due to their unemployment.