07 Jan

Using Oral Products May Worsen Your Bad Breath in Central London

It should be fairly obvious to us all in central London by now, that we should maintain a high standard of oral hygiene to keep our mouths fresh and healthy and keep bacteria at bay, especially if we are prone to bad breath or halitosis. It might seem odd then, that using, or the over-use of certain products may be promoting bad breath. In a rush to clean our mouths, we can tend to go over the top. Some products can be very wearing on the enamel of the teeth and on the gums and too much abrasion can lead to gum disease and cavities that house bacteria and lead to bad breath. Other products can break down the saliva and leave the mouth dry- especially those toothpastes that promise to whiten the teeth, and contain peroxides or baking soda. Once the mouth becomes dry, the tongue, gums and teeth are vulnerable because germs and bacteria can cling-on a lot easier. But probably, the most surprising products of all that enhance bad breath are alcohol based. Alcohol is great for slaughtering germs, but can leave the mouth dry and sticky, especially mouthwashes. Once we have brushed and rinsed, the alcohol stays in the mouth and can actually add to bad breath unless washed away with plain, warm water. Any doubts that you may have about the products can be laid to rest by consulting your dentist.