13 May

Valiant Valplast Dentures in London

There is no doubt that dentures have come a long, long way in London and if you needed further proof, just take a look at the Valplast denture. It is a partial denture that works around the teeth that are left in the mouth; made from a flexible material, it is custom built from prints of your mouth and colour coded exactly to fit right in with the rest of your mouth and teeth.
It doesn’t come with any clumsy looking metal clasps either, the straps, again, are made from a flexible, almost invisible plastic that wrap around the teeth. Because the device is strong (it comes with a lifetime guarantee) yet flexible, it affords a lot of comfort to the wearer; It is placed in warm water first thing in the morning so that it softens and can easily be placed and moulded into the mouth for a stunning fit- it moves with your mouth and adapts to the space it is in.
It can be more expensive than other dentures, but then you get what you pay for with this device- discretion, strength and total comfort and it sits true, firmly and natural and it is far, far cheaper than having a dental implant or a bridge fitted.