22 Jun

Veneers or Whitening….You make your mind up in the City of London

3488681_blog1Some people think that why do you have to have more expensive veneers fitted when you can opt for having your teeth whitened more cheaply? Well, in essence you can if you want, but both do jobs in different ways- you decide people of the city of London. Teeth whitening techniques are fabulous for what they does, give superb results and can make you smile like never before, but these work better if your teeth and gums are in good condition before the treatment. If however your teeth are plagued with gaps and cracks and looking generally battered and bewildered, teeth whitening will not look so good. For this scenario, veneers are the choice you should opt for. The results will look equally impressive and beautifully white, but they will also tuck away all those horrible things- due normally to ageing, behind them. Yes there is a huge difference in price but then that shouldn’t be the issue, what you need should be, in order to get the best results for your smile.