18 Oct

Veneers v Whitening- you decide in the City of London

There are so many ways to zip the beauty into your teeth in the city of London and get your smile into the sort of shape that you envy in people that you see on the television. But before you leap on the euphoric band wagon that the carrot of cosmetic dentistry dangles saucily in front of your face, you would be well placed to way up the pro’s and cons before hand about just what would be best for you, and your dentist is the best place to start at this initial stage for the best advice. If your teeth are in fairly top order, all you may need is a bit of gentle tooth whitening and there are three basic ways to go here: there are some ingenious little whitening toothpastes you can buy that give tremendous results after a period of use. Home bleaching kits are extremely ‘in’ right now and can knock your smile into play. Then there are laser whitening treatments that are cheap, quick, and when you come out of the dentists, very cheerful too! Of course, if your teeth have been put through the mill and are looking knackered, whitening will not solve the problem and probably the best way to make you smile again with confidence, is to go down the veneer route. These little babes will cover up a war zone in your mouth and leave it, and you, looking spectacular.