11 May

Visit a dental spa in London

The stark white waiting room, antiseptic smells, shiny white uniforms, glistening silver pointy instruments, patients with varying expression of pain and the sonic whine of the dental drill; everything just invokes a mental picture of terrific pain starting in a few minutes and guaranteed to torture you! A normal person is guaranteed to start you sweating in anxiety and distress!When teeth are damaged the pain can be severely debilitating, but the sheer terror of dental treatment can cause over 20% of patients to simply refuse or postpone treatment! In an effort to make the process of dental treatment more acceptable, London dentist’s tried to combine the relaxing effects of spas into the antiseptic environment of dental treatment.
The result: Voila! Dental spas in London!
Instead of the sterile purely functional environment of a clinic you will now have a “relaxation room” or waiting room with spa music floating in the background, scented candles, low watt bulbs and potpourri in lavender or chamomile. The brightly dressed attendant offers you fresh fruit juices with croissants as you wait for your appointment. The “therapy room” is colored a vivid green or azure blue with ergonomically designed dental chairs and freshly perfumed air. The walls and ceiling are brightly colored with mosaics of birds and animals. A heated perfume pillow is placed under your neck and a warm blanket covers you while the dentist works his specially designed soundless and well as painless drills. During treatment the patient has the option of undergoing a foot massage, manicure, hand paraffin bath or pedicure completely free!
A pipe dream? Definitely not! A combination of gentle dentistry and soothing spa treatment is guaranteed to calm your dental anxieties forever. Try it!