15 Jul

Visit your London Dentist to Get Rid of Gummy Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the upcoming fields of dentistry. We live in an aesthetic world wherein people are conscious about the way they look. Your social image is dependant on how you project yourself to the public and hence more people have joined the bandwagon.
They say a smile at times is all that it takes to get things done. So imagine that you are smiling and the result is denial. Gummy smiles are one among the most common problems that London dentists are said to come across. They get several patients who want their smiles beautified and corrected so that they do not look stupid when they smile. So much is the need that gummy smile rectification forms a major portion of the revenue obtained from cosmetic surgery. There are two procedures employed to rectify gummy smiles namely gingivectomy and crown lengthening. Gummy smiles are classified into mild, moderate, advanced and severe based on the proportion of the smile that the gums occupy.
Generally, for mild and moderate conditions gingivectomy is employed which involves the use of a dental laser to remove a minimum amount of gums. The process is also known as radiosurgery and it is completely painless, does not require sutures and the gum tissues heal within two weeks. On the other hand, advanced and severe forms of gummy smiles require a more extensive tissue reduction technique such as crown lengthening. Initially the gum tissue will be repositioned to the desired level and left to heal for a week or so. After the initial healing, the sutures are removed and another 5-7 weeks later, a crown lengthening procedure is administered followed by porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to achieve the desired beautiful smile.
So if you are ashamed of your smile, all you need is to visit your dentist and he will do the rest.