15 Apr

Voluptuous Veneers in London

Some conditions in your mouth can leave you feeling withered and old: it’s not nice to see your teeth fall into decay through ageing; discoloured, worn and cracked teeth, let alone receding gums can literally destroy your image and confidence, and diminish your style in a city like London. So lucky for you then that you live in a metropolis that has the answers to all of your teething problems and if all of the issues mentioned so far are affecting you, then you will really fall in love with dental veneers. A tiny little sheet of porcelain, a dental veneer can cover up all of the aforementioned sins and leave you smiling with perfection. All you have to do to become a smiling beauty is to pop along to your dentist, get a little prep work done and then have casts taken of your teeth. These casts will be sent away so that the veneers can be made; on average, this will take a couple of weeks, but your teeth will be protected by ‘dummy’ veneers in the interim. Then when made, they will simply be glued into place and that’s it, simple and believe it, beautiful too.