14 Nov

Watching for Hypodontia in London

There are many reasons behind how, individually, our teeth develop in London. Some can be hereditary; others can come from medication and treatments from radiology. However, in some cases, the teeth don’t develop at all ever and never come through and this is what is termed as hypodontia. A lot of this is put down to what the mother has gone through during pregnancy and any problems that may have arisen during this time. But for the person on the receiving end, it can leave you with up to at least 6 teeth missing, and what you have may be badly misshapen; your jaws too that house your teeth may also have had trouble developing. In cases like this, the only way forward is cosmetic dentistry. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges, partial dentures or by having a combination of dental implants and crowns fitted. Teeth that are badly deformed can be saved by having cosmetic bonding done, veneers fitted or by having partial crowns fitted. If can identify with this issue and you feel that you have been a victim of hypodontia, you should talk to your dentist about the possible routes that you can go down to overcome the problem.