11 Oct

Watching out for Dental Cavities in the City of London

The top of any dentists agenda in the city of London is to ensure they look after your teeth as best as they humanly can and to advise you how to do the same when your not sitting in the chair, and there are some basic principles applied to this. What you’re trying to avoid in everyday life is the build up of plaque and to keep your teeth clear of acids and bacteria. Do this well and between the pair of you you’ll be avoiding the dangers of dental cavities. These little evils can gather speed quickly, especially if you are pretty nonchalant about oral hygiene and about keeping up with dental check-ups. Acids start to attack the surface of the teeth quickly and then soon eat their way inside. If you go to your dentist regularly, then they will pick up on this and solve the problem with a filling. But, if you get lackluster about things, the first you will know about the cavity is when you get a tooth-ache and at this stage, it literally means that the tooth is dying inside. Catch it at this stage and you will require a root canal, though you will save the tooth. But tooth-aches can go away and you may think ‘no problem’- think again, because the whole root of the tooth will become infected and possibly cause gum disease and then all of your teeth are in peril, as is your general health.