07 Jul

What are the facts about using fluoride? Ask dentists in City of London for the answers

There are few health issues that are without controversy of one kind or another as studies and counter studies dispute the findings of each other. It can thus be difficult to decide what lifestyle choices to make in order to ensure that you are living with excellent health at all times. The use of fluoride in dentistry is one of these issues and consumers have had to decide about what is best for them for a number of decades.
Dental scientists have long recognised the benefits of using fluoride on teeth. It is helpful for oral health because it strengthens the enamel which coats teeth. Once enamel has gone it will not come back and cavities can form which will need to be filled. Plaque breaks down the enamel on teeth, leaving them exposed.
As such fluoride is added to tooth paste so that, when brushing your teeth you are strengthening the enamel. But some people have long argued that fluoride can be damaging to the health of users. Indeed even dentists recommend that the very young do not use fluoride at all. It is true that especially large doses of the chemical can cause a condition called dental fluorosis but this is rather rare.
Especially controversial was the decision in many countries to add fluoride directly to the water supply, thereby essentially removing peoples’ choice as to whether they use fluoride. Tooth paste without fluoride is available but most dentists agree that fluoride forms a vital part of preventive dentistry and should be used daily. Feel free to talk to your City of London dentist if you have any questions about fluoride.