26 Feb

What are the side effects of getting a dental implant in London

Having a dental implant in London is great for replacing lost teeth and restoring that beautiful smile you thought you had lost forever. Implant technology has improved ten-fold, and the surgical and healing techniques are state of the art operations, incorporating all the latest procedures such as laser surgery. But, with any surgery, however small and minute, the body undergoes some form of trauma, and this is the time that side effects can set in and complications arise. With a dental implant, the first thing that you may experience within the first 48 hours of surgery is swelling to the face, causing some degree of pain and followed by bruising. This can be countered with painkillers and ice-packs, but if it continues after a couple of days, it could mean that the body is rejecting the new root; it could also indicate that an infection has set in- bad breath and high temperatures are the obvious signs of this. Jaw and nerve damage are also a risk with implant procedures- the gums and lips may go numb and the jaw start to ache, although this has become less likely because of pinpoint laser surgery replacing the drill. The only other side effect of having an implant is the possibility of infection from sinus damage. In any case, you should not take any chances and seek medical advice immediately.