04 Nov

What braces to choose in London

Braces- for some they can look ungainly, create problems when eating and can single you out for mockery for years, especially in the school play ground. They can also cause gum disease, so keeping an eye on oral hygiene is a must. Not the most inviting of reasons to have them then, you may think. But ask any dentist in London- braces are an essential procedure in teeth growth, rectifying the misalignment between teeth and bite, straightening teeth and once removed, you have a cosmetically pleasing smile. Each mouth is different and the level of work required can affect the choice of brace suitable for the treatment. X-rays, digital photographs and impressions are taken to determine the work required. Teeth can often be extracted to make room for movement before the fitting of the braces and once in, it may take some time to get used to them, initially causing problems and reactions in the mouth. Cosmetically, there are many systems to choose from, depending on what your level of straightening is required. They start from the basic, train track silver fittings to gold, ceramic, sapphire and Invisalign (clear and invisible), depending on your requirements for vanity. Also available are Inman aligners that straighten front teeth only. If the braces are permanent, oral hygiene is of the utmost importance and dedicated brushes are on the market for this job.