14 Mar

What Dental Treatments are on Offer in London?

It is common knowledge that visiting the dentist regularly is essential for good oral health, the significance of attending regular dental check-ups has been instilled in every one of us since childhood. But do you know what treatments are available to you at your local London practice?
In actual fact, there are numerous treatments on offer that can benefit people of all ages. From cosmetic alterations, to restorative surgery, your dentist has access to more equipment, knowledge and techniques than you might suspect.
Tooth restoration vie dental implants is an important feature of  dental procedures, lost, broken or even dead teeth can be treated and replaced by a simple surgical procedure that can be performed at your local practice.
Implantation uses a titanium rod, anchored into the jawbone, upon which a false tooth can be secured. The result is fixed, unmovable and natural looking false teeth that do not succumb to loosening and can be used for chewing, tearing and biting.
Teeth whitening is another treatment that is provided by your dentist. However, this is more of a cosmetic alteration than one to better oral health. Whitening involves the cleaning of tarnishes and stains from yellowing teeth by bleaching the them and exposing the enamel to oxygen. The procedure is easy, provides immediate results and has become reasonably inexpensive in recent years.
Finally, if you are a sufferer of periodontal disease, it is now actually possible to obtain medical care at your nearby dental practice. Once again, the process is not tremendously difficult, and can be performed under local anaesthetic in order to prevent any pain. Principally, your dentist will remove any spoiled or infected cells from along the gingival tissue, aiming to remove the bacteria that is the cause of the disorder.