15 Nov

What is a digital x-ray in central London?

Many dental treatments in central London rely on X-rays in order to make a correct and early diagnosis and they are used in nearly all aspects of dentistry. X-rays make everything visible, the extent of tooth decay, bone loss caused by gum disease, an abscess, tumours, impacted teeth and the extent of tartar build up. They help in monitoring fillings, bridges, veneers, crowns and root canals in order to maintain good, healthy hygiene. But as technology has advanced, so have X-rays- they’ve gone digital. Long gone are the days of filing cabinets full of large cumbersome images, now X-rays can be stored on computer and an image can be processed and viewed in seconds. In the case of deciding precise treatments, images can be sent via e-mail to specialists in their field, such as orthodontists for example, who can make a faster diagnosis and get the treatment underway more quickly. The procedure of having a digital X-ray isn’t that far removed from the old methods, you stand in front of a camera with a barrier in the mouth and an image is taken. But digital can incorporate colour coding to highlight problems like decay inside the teeth and the greatest advantage of all is the X-ray can be developed into 3-D images, pinpointing problems precisely. Like any new technology, digital is expensive, though, prices will fall in time- but no price should be put on a correct and accurate diagnosis to perfect treatments.