12 Jun

What Methods are There for Straightening Teeth?

Braces have been used to straighten teeth for numerous years, but today’s patients can take advantage of a host of different types of brace and there is more choice available today than ever before. We are delighted to offer a range of different tooth straightening methods including the latest orthodontic innovations, such as invisible braces, removable treatments and rapid solutions.

Types of orthodontic treatment

We have an array of orthodontic options on offer, including:

  • fixed braces: braces that are secured onto the teeth and left until treatment is complete. Examples include Damon Braces and Six Month Smiles
  • removable appliances: orthodontic appliances that slide in and out of the mouth with ease to provide greater flexibility and convenience for patients. Examples include Invisalign and Simpli5
  • lingual braces: fixed braces applied to the back of the teeth, making them an invisible alternative to traditional fixed braces

Which type of treatment is best for me?

It’s very difficult to name ‘the best treatment’ without carrying out tests and thorough examinations to determine what kind of orthodontic issues you have and the severity and complexity of your prescription. All treatments have pros and cons and your dentist will be able to guide you through these when you have your consultation. They are able to ascertain what kind of treatment would suit you best.
Generally speaking, aligner treatments such as Invisalign and Simpli5 are excellent options for patients who have minor or moderate needs and prioritise aesthetics, while fixed braces are often the best choice for those who have more complex needs, as they provide more support and generate more movement.
When you have your consultation, your dentist will talk to you about what you want to achieve from treatment, which kinds of treatments you would prefer and additional factors such as cost and treatment time. They can tailor their recommendations to suit your needs and treatment ideals.