21 Mar

What You Need to Know About Receding Gums in London

One of the most common periodontal diseases is receding gums. If left untreated, it could actually lead to loss of tooth as well as heart attack, diabetes, stroke and respiratory disease. For this reason, it is vital that you consult with your London dentist in order to prevent such complications arising from receding gums.
There are actually two known causes for receding gums. They are:
• Over brushing or brushing too hard
• Bacterial infection
With over-brushing, you can easily manage receding gums by replacing your toothbrush with one that has soft bristles and making sure that you brush your teeth and gums gently.
As for the second cause of receding gums, the bacteria in your mouth, if uncontrolled, could reside in your gum lining and start to secrete toxins which will destroy the cells in your gums. The result: bleeding, tender and sore gums.
Normally, your saliva can protect your from these oral bacteria but there are cases when it would not be enough. For instance, use of certain toothpastes, mouthwashes and other alcohol-based oral care products could dry your mouth, resulting to less saliva production.
Suffering from receding gums is actually a serious condition and should not be ignored. Diagnosis and treatment of this oral condition will involve thorough dental check up and assessment in order to determine cause and best possible treatment option.
Your dentist could recommend gum grafting in order to cover the exposed root and prevent further damage to the bone. Also, a non-alcohol mouthwash will be prescribed to kill oral bacteria effectively without affecting saliva production.
In any case, it is important that you follow your London dentist’s advice if you are serious about treating receding gums.