12 Sep

Where can I get dental implants in London?

Teeth lost through gum disease, old age and injury or trauma have traditionally been replaced through the use of dentures or by a fixed bridge. However, in recent times the use of dental implants has been implemented and there are several advantages to this technology. Dental implants offer a more permanent solution than dentures as well as the fact that implants have been shown to slow down bone loss and the surrounding tissues are preserved. If done correctly, they also offer aesthetic advantages too.
A dental implant entails the drilling of an artificial socket into the gum before allowing the gum to heal for a period of several weeks. Usually, a temporary denture is offered for this period. Once the artificial socket has integrated with the surrounding bone tissue, the denture (tooth), bridge or crown is attached at a later date.
A number of factors must be taken into consideration before a dental implant is offered but most cases who have good oral hygiene should benefit from such treatment. However, the following factors can affect the success of an implant:
1. Heavy smoking – this can prolong the time needed for an implant to heal.
2. Excessive alcohol consumption – similar effect to above.
3. Gum disease – periodontal gum disease can affect bone composition, which in turn can affect the success of an implant. It must be treated prior to treatment.
4. Immune-suppressed individuals and
5. Teeth-grinders – a gumshield can help at night.
The cost of a dental implant ranges from £800 for a single tooth implant to several thousand pounds for bridge work and complete replacement. Dental practitioners in West London are now offering this type of technology and are available for consultation to discuss your requirements.