17 Feb

Whiten teeth with custom made bleaching trays from City of London dentist

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Whiter teeth make people seem younger and more attractive, as losing their natural colour is one of the signs aging. Whitening used to be a very expensive treatment that was unavailable to most patients but as the procedure has become more available it has also become more affordable.
Whitening works in two ways. Firstly, the teeth are cleaned, removing any material or stains that can be cleaned to make the teeth seem whiter. However, many stains occur when foodstuff or liquid penetrate the enamel of the tooth. This cannot be removed by cleaning but can be bleached white using hydrogen peroxide gels. Although these kinds of bleaching kits are available to buy in shops or on the internet, City of London dentists advise that you always have whitening procedures carried out in surgery. This is because the hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous to soft tissue when used in high concentration. Dentists will be able to use the necessary safety equipment to avoid any contact with soft tissue.
This may often involve the manufacture of a custom made bleaching tray designed to fit exactly over the patient’s teeth, applying the active gel to the required area but keeping the soft tissue safe. These bleaching trays can also be used for lower concentration treatment at home, often worn over night for maximum contact with the teeth. The peroxide filters into the tooth enamel bleaching it white and making the teeth look a healthy and natural white. Tooth whitening is available in many different formats as there are many treatments available and will be more effective for some than others but ultimately it will lighten teeth and make them appear more healthy.