29 May

Who to call in a dental crisis in London

It would be fair to say that in most parts of the country, getting to a dentist in a crisis is pretty nigh on impossible and if the problem is really serious, you would call an ambulance. London however is a world apart, you can find dentists that operate throughout the city 24 hours a day and this can be very comforting to know. Just like a doctors or a hospital, you should be aware of such options in a crisis.
During the day, you can probably call your own dentist, but when night comes, you need to be prepared. When you call an emergency dentist, you will be questioned about your crisis, from losing a veneer, to losing a tooth, to getting an abscess and once you have given them your details, you will be advised on the nearest place to go, how to get there and even how to park. What’s even more incredible, they cater for most languages too! When you are there, you will be analysed and then treated accordingly.
Some of the treatments may be temporary until you can get to your own dentist, for more serious problems, you will be given the full, no-holds barred treatment; in essence, these practices will cater for all dental problems. If you have dental insurance, the details of your treatment will be given to you afterwards so that you can make your claim. There is no denying that this form of dentistry can take a weight of you and your family’s shoulders.