12 Jul

Why City of London Dentists prefer Dental Bridges

Dentistry is not all about preventing and curing dental problems. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry which involves various procedures in beautifying your teeth and smile. It includes teeth alignment and other related procedures.
A missing tooth is all that it takes to tamper a beautiful smile. But it is not just about your appearance. Missing teeth are also responsible for a change in occlusion, shifting of teeth, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), speech impairments and a greater of chance of tooth decay. There are two solutions to replacing the missing teeth problem namely dental bridges and implants.
Dental bridges involve the creation of a bridge that fits the prepared teeth perfectly. Most dentists in and around the City of London prefer dental bridges to dental implants though it is the personal choice of the dentist as to which method he must employ. Dental bridges are observed to be more durable and with proper oral care it is possible that your dental bridge lasts for several years.
Dental implants involve slightly higher investment which has its own risks. Implants generally cost to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds whereas dental bridges cost around one thousand pounds. Dental implants are a time consuming procedure and they are more tedious if there are several implants to be administered. Also, dental implants are accompanied by pain which generally haunts the patient for some days after the surgery.
In other words, dental implants are a costly affair when compared to dental bridges and hence you must zero in on an experienced and skilled dentist to do the job. Dental bridges have lesser hassles comparatively and hence are more preferred among the two.