01 Feb

Why Floss in the City of London

It’s considered by most dentists in the city of London that flossing is an integral must in oral hygiene. Foods can get lodged in tight areas between the gums and teeth, and if not removed, can lead to plaque and tartar building up- this process can start within an hour of brushing and the bacteria that builds and grows can become destructive to your teeth within a day, if left unchecked, this can then lead to gum and periodontal disease and cavities. The purpose of brushing and flossing is to break up the development of bacteria. However, regular brushing will not reach these areas where foods get stuck, whereas flossing can. There are various types of floss on the market and your choice may well be influenced by how tight together your teeth are. Flossing should be carried out at least twice a day before brushing. Once you have attached around a foot of floss between your fingers, it should be fed gently between the teeth in a sawing motion until it is against the gums and then worked between the gum and teeth to remove any foodstuffs. This is a delicate and time consuming operation but will snap the build up of any bacteria around the teeth before brushing- a mouthwash will also help in the removal of foods. It’s a small price to pay for holding off any diseases that develop in the mouth. These disease are not only painful to stop, once they have set in, but can be very expensive to correct in the long run.