13 Aug

Why have a Dental Implant instead of dentures? A City of London dentist advises

A dental Implant is not for everyone, especially if you`re impatient and want a new false tooth or teeth right away. The procedure takes months to complete and is done in stages, that’s because the base of the implant needs to integrate with the jaw bone in order for the implant to work. It all starts off with a local anaesthetic to the gums, then an incision is made and a Titanium plate is placed under the gum and screwed into the jaw bone. The plate is previously prepared by having holes drilled in it; these are then inserted with a screw so later on a pole can be screwed into it for the artificial tooth to sit on. A plate can take one or several implants in accordance with the patients needs. This procedure agitates the blood system to produce baby bone cells, and these are laid down over the plate to make it part of the jaw and to stop the body from rejecting it. When this is done, and it can several months, the incision is reopened, and the stands are screwed in place and glued. The tooth itself is made from porcelain and is very hard wearing, this is placed on the pole and cemented in place. The tooth itself is usable almost straight away, and it needs no special care, just treat it like a real tooth that has grown back. To clean it you simply floss and brush, your 6 monthly dental reviews will help to keep them free from tartar.