31 Jul

Why it is Important to Wear Retainers After Brace Treatment

shutterstock_518368036If you have braces, you’ll be advised to wear retainers after treatment. When you’re looking forward to having your braces removed and enjoying your new-found freedom, retainers may not be the first thing you want, but not using them could have serious implications.

Why are retainers so important?

Retainers are orthodontic appliances, which are designed to maintain the new position of the teeth. If you don’t wear retainers, there is a risk that all the good work achieved by your braces will come undone. The retainer is developed specifically to hold the teeth in place. Without a retainer, there is a high risk that the teeth will slip out of position, which may result in you developing further orthodontic problems and end up with you needing repeat treatment.
When you’ve got an amazing new smile, and you’ve been through weeks, months or even years of treatment, the last thing you want is it to go to waste. Wearing a retainer is an easy, pain-free way of preserving the results, and enabling you to enjoy your beautiful new smile for many years to come.

About retainers

Retainers are not the same as braces, which are designed to make your teeth move. A retainer is designed to prevent tooth movement once the braces have been removed. You can choose from fixed or removable retainers and the duration you’re required to wear retainers will vary from one individual to another. Your dentist will give you instructions about how to use your retainer when you have your braces taken off. Retainers are discreet, and you shouldn’t find them painful. For the first couple of days, the retainer may feel a little tight, but any discomfort will soon wear off.
If you have braces or you’ve recently had your braces removed, and you would like to find out more about retainers and why you need to wear them, give us a ring and book a consultation or pop in and see us if you’re in the area.