09 Aug

Why London Dentists use Denture Adhesive

Dentures are among the most common options exercised among London dentists when it comes to replacing lost teeth. A compromise on oral care has an immense effect on an individual’s self esteem and quality of life. Your teeth are instrumental in the aesthetic appeal of your face and hence it is pertinent that you take good care of your teeth.
Dentures help you dock of a few years in your looks. It is said that your smile speaks more than your words and so a broken tooth smile is definitely not something you would want. There are several types of dentures namely, partial and full dentures. Partial dentures find applications in individuals where some teeth are present in good condition and full dentures are required when no teeth in the mouth can be termed healthy. In both cases, denture adhesive is required to keep the denture in place inside the mouth.
An adhesive agent is increasingly being used by dentists to keep the dentures in place which happen to get dislocated while the individual is eating or cleansing his mouth. Denture adhesive is the best option you have when it comes to problems associated with loose dentures. If you smile, your denture should be in place. If not, it negates the whole point of using a denture. When using a denture it is expected that your smile seems normal and others do not smell anything fishy in your smile.
Previously, the common mindset was that denture adhesives were harmful to the gums and were suspected to cause gum diseases. Denture adhesives are completely safe and are very efficient in holding the dentures in place.