26 Jul

Why You Should Keep Your Mouth Hydrated To Avoid Cavities In Central London

Your teeth are constantly under threat each day in central London from the bacteria and acids from stuff that you put in your mouth and if you don’t clean your teeth properly, these urchins will start to attack the enamel of the teeth and if they get a hold, cavities can form. Now aside from all the great products you throw at your teeth, you also have a natural defence system against bacteria in your mouth- saliva. If you have a great balanced diet and are keeping yourself fit and healthy, you’ll have a good immune system and hence, a lot of saliva in your mouth. The flip side to this is that if you love to cane it with smoking, drinking, poor foods, or are on heavy medication, this will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, your saliva will be vastly reduced and hence, you will suffer from a dry mouth. The obvious implications being that the bacteria are free to roam and then we get back to the threat of cavities again. Aside from the need to change your lifestyle if you are being flippant with what you do, a dry mouth needs to be treated and you will also need to keep your mouth hydrated until you have the problem under control. Ask your dentist all about this condition, take the advice and then act quickly on it; it can only save your teeth further down the road.