18 Oct

Why you shouldn’t buy into the celebrity charcoal tooth whitening trend

shutterstock_730351960If you go on Twitter or Instagram these days, it won’t be long until you come across a celebrity promoting or endorsing a cosmetic product of some kind. Adverts for skincare products, self-tan and tooth whitening treatments are ten a penny, but dentists are warning the public not to buy into dental trends.
According to dentists, popular whitening products, which contain ingredients like charcoal, are unlikely to make any real difference to the colour of the teeth. Many of the celebrities who endorse products by posting sponsored links and images on social media have had cosmetic treatment, and dentists are worried that adverts are misleading people and giving them false hope. Using charcoal toothpaste may remove surface stains, but it’s not going to suddenly give you much brighter, whiter teeth.
The demand for a radiant white smile is growing all the time and dentists are concerned that manufacturers are cashing in on trend-driven products that don’t actually do the intended job. Many people want whiter teeth and if they see toothpastes that are supposedly going to give them a much whiter smile, they’re going to opt for this treatment rather than spending a lot more on professional tooth whitening therapies provided by dentists.
The advice from dentists is to treat adverts with caution and to ensure you use products that meet safety and quality guidelines. If you do want noticeable results, it’s worth considering professional treatment. Whitening treatment is a dental service and as such, it should only be available from qualified, registered dentists. Anyone who offers whitening treatment without the relevant dental expertise is liable to face legal action from the General Dental Council.