18 Sep

‘Wicked’ Waterlase hits the dental surgeries of London

Fillings and root canal treatment were often a painful set of treatments in the past and could often leave you in pain and feeling like you had just been mugged in London: the old drilling and slicing techniques- not very nice at all. Thankfully though, technology has made its pretty little way into dental surgeries and there is a cracker in the form of WaterLase. This can do all of the above in just a few seconds: it fires a laser at any problem whilst also shooting water out to take the heat out of the treatment. It is not only fast, it is excitingly efficient- and painless to boot because of this efficiency. It truly is one of the modern wonder treatments in the dental surgery today and so whenever you get this done to any problems in your mouth; relax, sit back, because you won’t feel a thing at all and believe it- you are in safe hands with this.