26 Feb

Wiping out decay with a Root Canal in the City of London

Living in the city of London, your teeth will always come under threat from things that are keen to destroy them and although you fight everyday to ensure that they are clean and healthy, you only have to turn your back for a moment and they are straight in again attacking. One of the main problems you have to contend with is acids that settle on the surfaces of your teeth and start to eat their way in. although an x-ray would pick-up on this, you will certainly know about when you start to get shooting pains in your teeth. This is the early signs of tooth decay, but at this stage, the problem can be overcome with a filling. If the decay breaks through into the tooth however, the insides will become infected and not only are you setting yourself up with an abscess, but you may lose the tooth if you don’t get root canal treatment. This involves taking the top of the tooth off and clearing out the infected pulp. After this, the roots need removing as well. Laser treatment can have this done in a jiffy and painlessly too. Then the tooth is disinfected and filled. In extreme cases, a crown may be required to restore the structure and size of tooth back to what was.