25 Feb

Wisdom teeth pain in the City of London

When your wisdom teeth start to develop and break through into the mouth, it can be a very painful time indeed, (bare that in mind when you have children). In some cases, the teeth will not show themselves at all, choosing to grow in all manner of directions under the gums- this can be quite a dangerous time too. But help is on hand in the city of London if you take precautions. On average, wisdom teeth develop when you reach 17 years of age, so it’s a good time to ready yourself for the event. Your dentist will be aware of this too and will monitor the progress of the growth. If the teeth are growing normally, it’s a matter of waiting until they erupt. You can apply herbal oils such as clove oil, chew gum and take painkillers to sooth the moment, but once the tooth is through, care should be taken to treat the tooth and gums, as they are very vulnerable to bacteria and acids that linger in the mouth. If the pain is very bad, treatment should be sought. However, with a wisdom tooth that is impacted and not showing, an extraction may be required. In most cases, this is done at the hospital under a general anesthetic and with all four being extracted at once. This is a very dangerous operation. Wisdom teeth are deep rooted into the jaw, and the forces needed to remove them, great. It places great stress on the rest of teeth in the mouth and the surrounding nerves in the face and head, and can affect the sinuses and hearing. Post extraction requires monitoring and good oral hygiene as this is the time when the mouth is open season for bacterial infection.